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When we have something pertinent and on point to offer about our common overall workout practices and goals, this is where you’ll find it. Sometimes we’ll blog our own thoughts; other times we’ll share tips from noted fitness authorities on subjects including healthy lifestyle, diet, weight loss, etc.

After all, who couldn’t benefit occasionally from a bit of advice or help?

Quiz: What is Your Winter IQ?

Winter can be a wonderland, but plummeting temperatures can be hazardous to your health, force you to alter your exercise habits, and possibly make you eat more. Do you know how to cope and stay healthy? Take this quiz to find out. Some questions have more than one correct answer.


What to Eat Before a Workout

What’s the best thing to eat before a workout, game, or race?

(a) a candy bar or other sugary food 15 minutes before,
(b) a protein shake or bar 30 minutes before,
(c) a low-­fat, high-­carb meal or snack one to four hours before,
(d) nothing; you should fast.

The answer is usually (c), but it depends on the type, length and intensity of your activity, what you ate on previous days, your metabolism and your personal preferences. If you’re just walking briskly or cycling for 30 to 60 minutes, it doesn’t matter what you eat beforehand.